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Zeke Tipton


William "Bill"  V.Tipton


Ty Tipton

         Component Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1961 by Zeke Tipton.  The first product sold to wholesale plumbing distributors was brass slip joint nuts and washers.  They were purchased by the train carload and repackaged and labeled for wholesale distribution. 

       This soon grew into F & C Plates, Closet bolts and dozens of other plumbing products.   Eventually, CMC established patents on different plumbing products and set forth to manufacture various products in the US and abroad.  

          Now, over 60 years later, CMC offers an array of plumbing specialty items.  Our categories include: General Plumbing Specialties, PPE Safety Products, Instrumentation, Tools, Testing Products, Water Heater Parts and Accessories, Point of Purchase display items and other specialties. 

        CMC offers many different products for the wholesale distributor, with a focus on new cutting-edge technologies that help the trade in the plumbing industry.  

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